Breath. Freedom. Dance.

Breath. Freedom. Dance.

Psychotherapy and Open Floor movement practice

“In Psychotherapy sessions and Open floor movement work that I am offering, I am dedicated to support  people for self-empowerment, higher quality of well being, and  expansion of vitality and sense of aliveness. I am curious to see what one is capable of becoming.”

Hana Stamatovic


As a young child, Hana Stamatovic was dreaming that she will work with people in the big spaces where they will be moving their bodies, sweating and feeling fully alive and confident. Since the early age, Hana was actively involved in sports and different types of dancing. From regularly exercising, she was receiving much more then muscular energy. Hana slowly began to understand how magnificent is the connection between human psyche and body.

She graduated and did her Master’s in the field of Psychology at the University of Belgrade. Hana worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology for five years, and three years as a teacher fellow at the Department of Developmental Psychology during her studies.  She was leading groups for adolescents and adults, trainings for professionals and until present, she is still passionate about creating her own programs for personal growth and development. This love for teaching and endless curiosity for understanding how the interaction of our body relates to our thoughts, feelings, and actions that affect us, brought Hana to get a certificate as an Open Floor teacher and Open Floor Movement Therapist.


Hana Stamatovic is certificated Psychotherapist, and enjoys her individual therapy work. In sessions, she is empowering people to support the creativity of how they can live their lives more purposely, with less suffering and how to be more resourced.

She experiences her self as a life long learner, curious about people and passionate about work that she is offering. In her approach she combines knowledge from Personal Construct Psychotherapy, Movement Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, Gestalt Awareness Practice and Somatic Experiencing.

Over a decade, Hana Stamatovic has been leading groups and works with individuals, integrating into her approach practices that are nourishing the relationship between body and mind. Her psychotherapeutic work, as well as workshops that she is leading, are inspired by teachings of yoga, meditation and arts.


“My teacher Chris Price says: I want to be here before I am gone. And in my work I do feel fully alive. Creating my programs and working individually with so many different people provokes my creativity and my personal growth. My vocation, this particular kind of work, makes my life meaningful and fulfilled.”