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  • Power of truly being in our bodies

    Power of truly being in our bodies

    Our body is the house in which we live our whole lives. Unfortunately, there is more and more a breakdown between the body and mind, as well as a disconnection from one’s own body. A modern human ignores the subtle signals it receives from one’s body, and it devotes to it only when pain, crisis […]

  • Moments of meeting

    Moments of meeting

    However it may be vulnerable, in its genuine form, connection gives meaning to my life. It is my fuel-I find myself passionately inspired by it.Also, it gives me sense of purpose and supports me greatly in my growth.Connection starts from ability to feel my self, sense my body and to hear my thoughts. And at […]

  • Practicing Transparency

    Practicing Transparency

    From my perspective, transparency is one of core values that is supporting us to stay in our power.And it’s not easy to show up, to stay open, courageous and clear to express what is important to us. Having in awareness at the same time, the way we are delivering our truth.Imagine how your life would […]