Individual sessions

Psychotherapy. Movement sessions. Counseling/coaching.

Individual sessions

Psychotherapy. Movement sessions. Counseling/coaching.

From the perspective of Personal Construct Psychotherapy, we each seek to make sense of the world as we experience it,  by building and testing hypothesis about “how the world works”. We all create our own inner map of reality (or construct) based on our backgrounds, and we interpret and experience life from the perspective of that map.
Said so, each client has it’s on personal reality, and in the sessions we will be exploring what kinds of your personal theories are not functional for you any more. We will work on creating your tools and potential for change, supporting the transformation of your relationship with yourself and with others. Fostering change towards well being, embodiment, aliveness and creativity in possible ways of living life.

There are few possibilities for individual work with me:

An ongoing psychotherapy process (60 minutes sessions)

•Usually once weekly.

•Those sessions are based on Personal Construct Psychotherapy, Movement therapy, Radix Body Psychotherapy (TePsyntesis school) and Somatic Experiencing Trauma work.

•They are “client tailored”: possibly including verbal therapy and body therapy, depending on needs and preferences of the client.


An individual Movement session (90 minutes sessions)

•Those sessions could be scheduled periodically.

•Good support in personal growth, and helpful for non-verbal material.

•Helping clients to listen and track the sensations and impulses of their bodies.

•Find the possible meanings and significance of non-verbal experience and communication.

•Use the wisdom of clients own physical experience in the therapeutic encounter.

•Helping clients move from talk therapy modalities into therapeutic movement explorations and expression.

•Use specific tools to facilitate inner movements becoming conscious and integrated into full congruent expression.

•Improve competencies in healing attachment wounds, helping clients to resource themselves through embodied movement practices.


On-line (Skype) counseling/coaching (60 minutes sessions)

•They are usually time-limited.

•Counseling/coaching is most often directed to a specific problem, or  achieving a specific personal or professional goal.

We explore those parts of the client’s psyche that are related to the immediate problem and orient our conversations towards solutions, involving the development of existing resources and capabilities.

*For more info and booking a session write to Hana Stamatovic on e-mail: